Bridging the gap between your customers and your business...

Solutions 'Powered by MessageSphere' deliver next generation customer services today, in real-time and over a wide range of messaging and social networking channels.

Multi-channel Customer services ...

Give your business the competitive edge and 'Step Change' to a new level and quality of customer service. 

Open the doors to business.
Keep all options and channels open and let customers connect to business services in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Mobile CRM

Todays Mobile phones provide customers with all the connectivity they need to interact with business when and where they choose.

MessageSphere restores the balance of communication between business and customer.

Extending your Roadmap.
Solution providers simply sign up for a free MessageSphere trial account and when ready upgrade to Developer, SME or Enterprise for your solution needs.

Above the 'Cloud'.

Whether your solutions are SaaS or packaged, MessageSphere can enhance your sales proposition.

Connect with us...

If you are a solution provider why not join our Partnership program.

Partner with us and we will promote your Solutions to MessageSphere customers.

Our success in building a Messaging Platform as a Service (mPaaS) has created a step change for Solution Providers.

Opening the door to the next generation of products and services with the ability to connect with customers.