MessageSphere - Message Platform as a Service (mPaaS)

MessageSphere is a service which is both simple to use and easy to Monetize. Developers and business users can connect or host their applications to a MessageSphere service by using one of the Software Development Kits (SDK's). SDK's are available for Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio users and for Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac (Q2-2011), Linux/Unix (Q2-2011), Google Android (Q2-2011) 


Interfaces to SaaS Solutions

MessageSphere has the power to offer developers many types of message services. In addition to messaging, developers can send, route and receive any type of content. Add all these powerful features with the ability to write and upload plug-in apps , and you also have a Multi-Channel SaaS platform as a service!







Plug-in to MessageSphere...

Our SDK's includes many powerful features which allow developers to write 'plug-in' apps and then access them in real-time from any other platform or app connected to the Web.

SaaS Apps on MessageSphere

Developers can now write their SaaS apps as 'Plug-ins' using the Visual Studio MessageSphere Add-in .




One SDK for all your Channel needs.

MessageSphere is designed to accommodate all existing and any Message or Social channels. Upgrades planned for 2011 include Facebook, Skype, Yahoo.

Web App + Multi-Channel
Extending the number of interfaces to your SaaS application is a liberating experience. Architects and developers can now allow their end users access via many common social and messaging channels.