Strategic Move?

While your competitors are still using one-way outbound email campaigns...

You can be  engaging in two-way real-time automated campaigns.  Let the customer talk to your business using eMail, SMS, Twitter, Google Talk, Microsoft Live, plus many more. Respond back to your customers on one or many channels.

The Sky is not the limit...

Integrate your back office systems to give the customer Self-Care using instant messaging.

Link-up your web sites, your email addresses, the sky is not the limit when your applications are powered by MessageSphere.

Need to deliver Coupons?
Coupons can be requested and sent using any one of the many MessageSphere channels. Customers can request a Coupons using SMS eMail, Instant messaging and all requests can be serviced in real-time fully automated with just a few lines of source code plus SDK.

Need to deliver Content?
Content like music, videos, or any documents can be automated for delivery to the customer using MessageSphere. Channels like eMail, Instant Messaging support attachments. which can be used with many types of Advertising, Marketing and CRM applications.

Business Partnerships delivering opportunities on a global scale...

By adding MessageSphere to your business services and products you can open up new opportunities. More ways to connect with your customer equals more ways to sell, support and service.

For Partners with Products based on. Net
Our MessageSphereSDK with Visual Studio plug-in provides partners with a quick and easy route to building Multi-Channel messaging into their solutions and customer services. Partners with high volumes of 2 way messaging and content can take full advantage of our 'Cloud' Messaging. Whether your business is coupons or loyalty point management 'Stepping up' to Multi-Channel customer messaging is the next logical move.
For Partners with Products based on Unix/Linux
Our 2011 release of MessageSphereSDK for Unix/Linux provides access to all the same features as the .NET and can be used on Apache servers and many other Unix/Linux platforms. For Partners requiring large platforms designed to carrier grade level we are scheduled to release MessageSphereUX in 2011. Mobile networks will be able to offer their customer base Messaging at a level not previously available.
For Partners with Products based on Apple iPhone/Mac
Our 2011 release of MessageSphereSDK for iPhone/Mac   provides access to all the same features as the .NET and can be used on both the iPhone and Mac platforms. The SDK is packed full of messaging power that uses only the authorized Apple libraries and is iStore compliant. iPhone developers can easily develop apps that can send and receive messaging and content via a 'Coud' service. Powered by MessageSphere iPhone developers can service large groups of iPhone users with just a few lines of source code.
For Partners with Products based on Android
Our 2011 release of MessageSphereSDK for Google's Android OS takes mobile development to a new high!
As with all MessageSphereSDK kits the developer only needs to sign-up for an account, download the SDK and start a new journey of innovation. Mobility and MessageSphere are a perfect combination of 2-way messaging and applications which delivers services to the customer where and when they need it.

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