Our Background

Admatica Ltd was established in 2009 after two years of intensive business case studies into multi-channel messaging.  With offices in UK, Switzerland and Eastern European technology center the business has established platform technology situated in several countries.


Our market focus is on providing 2-way real-time message exchange capability as a 'Cloud' service to solution providers and developers. Our mission to maintain our number one market position and provide next generation messaging services to the 10's of millions of developers world wide.


We offer our MessageSphere Services SDK's to .NET, Apple, Android and Unix developers covering all platforms in all countries.

Our Technology Team

Our technology team was selected with skills and experience in Microsoft .NET, Apple iPhone/Mac, Android OS, Unix development.  Our chief technical architect  has over 25 years of experience in designing large scale platforms for  the mobile networks and software industry.   

Our Executive Team

Our executive team has held senior positions in several  large corporations with experience in software, mobile networks, media and content provision. With skills in retail, service provision and consumer mass market products and services we cover our target market.


Our Operations Team

Our operations team was selected from variety of large platform operators including ISP's and network operators. Skills to deploy, commission, monitor and design new high speed platforms is key to our customer service strategy. Our global operation requires us to excel in platform operations and quality of service. In the world of 'Cloud' Messaging as a Service we lead the way.


Why not join us?
If you are interested in a career with Admatica and have experience in the Social networking or message provider market then why not tell us more.

Our target market for 2011 is 'Cloud' Messaging Services for Corporations with in-house developments, Solution providers and developers.

We support all leading platforms including Microsoft .NET, Apple, Google's Android, and Unix/Linux.

Through our Business Partners we have extended our market reach and capability. We measure our success by the success of our customers.